What Do Your Bags Say About You? || Handbags & Personal STYLE || Autumn Beckman

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What Do Your Bags Say About You? || Handbags & Personal STYLE || Autumn Beckman
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Luxury retailers where I've found my best bargains.
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The Real Real:

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I'm wearing.
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My Filming Equipment
Camera: Canon 90D:
Lens: Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM:
Vlogging camera: Canon G7 X:
Vlogging tripod:
Background light:
Face & side light:

DISCLAIMER: Those sound effects you hear in the background are courtesy of my African gray parrot, Vincent. For more about Vincent and African grays see my video:

Some of my links are affiliate links. That means when you click on my link and make a purchase on that site I get a small percentage of the sale. That said, I am always honest with you regarding what I think about products and companies. On several occasions I have encouraged you not to purchase items on which I could otherwise have made a commission.

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