Trying to Draw in the Chrome Extension Kami

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So for a school assignment, I had to put together a creature. I decided to draw, and did it in Kami. I did this because the assignment used Kami, and I wanted to challenge myself. I didn't have an idea of what to draw, and at that time, I used "Magneseon" as it's name. Magneseon is one of my characters, which uses metal powers. He has a non-human form, which this was going to be. But, due to the story, this creature appears at a time that Magneseon isn't in the story, and I decided a Dragon would be able to do more things. So that's why in the Kami drawing, there are only 2 arms. And that's why it has a rushed name, which in my Google Document on my characters, I say it's a placeholder name.

The music I used was the main theme for the game "Knights and Dragons". It's a pretty fun game, and is on my "Mobile Games I like" Google Document. Knights and Dragons is a simple game, with not a huge amount to do (Until you get better or very active). But when I played it, I would spend hours on it, without realizing. I'm just putting this very small description on the game, in case anyone reads this, and would like to try it out.

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Any other accounts that claim to be me is wrong, these are what I use, and anything else is fraud!????... Ok this section is a thing that automatically is posted on my videos, but is anyone seriously going to email me or talk to me on discord? Not saying I discourage it, I'm just asking myself a question I know the answer to. And what if the account isn't a fraud? I used to have a twitter and instagram account, but I deleted them. But what if they didn't successfully delete, and someone hacks into them? Technically it's not a fraud account since it's mine, but it's also not mine. If you read my little rant here, congratulations! I can't really give you anything, or know if you read it, but hey, I appreciate it.
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