Top 10 Bizarre Connections Between Famous People And Notorious Murderers - UK Movie Review

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Top 10 Bizarre Connections Between Famous People And Notorious Murderers UK Movie Reviews

Celebrities meet hundreds of people on their path to fame. A few monsters are almost sure to be among the throngs of fans. But these people had much weirder encounters than just passing glances. The following 10 stars interacted with individuals who went on to kill or who had already murdered other people. It just goes to show that you should be careful about the company you keep. 10 Creepy Photos Of People Unaware They Are With A Serial Killer From beyond the grave, Peter Lorre saved his daughter. Decades after Lorre stalked young girls in 1931’s M, real serial killers threatened Los Angeles. The partnership of Angelo J. Buono and Kenneth A. Bianchi terrorized 1970s Hollywood with a string of 10 kidnappings, rapes, and killings. Their body count would have been 11 if they had not been such avid movie fans. One night in 1977, Catharine Lorre Baker, the only child of celebrated character actor Peter Lorre, hitched a ride with the murderous duo. They had every intention of killing her until she revealed her parentage. Baker carried around a picture of her as a young girl with her father. The two men recognized the actor immediately. Being fans of the Hungarian-American movie star, the pair started gushing over their love of films like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon. Either out of respect for Peter Lorre’s filmography or to avoid a high-profile victim, Buono and Bianchi released Baker solely because they saw the photo.[1] In 1989, Lyle and Erik Menendez had a chance to live their dream life. They were flush with an insurance payout after their parents died. The fact that the siblings were responsible for those deaths was not an obstacle. During a months-long spending spree, the two spent nearly $700,000 on flashy trappings of wealth like jewelry, clothes, and cars. As big basketball fans, they couldn’t pass up a chance to see Patrick Ewing in his 1980s prime. Sitting courtside, the two watched the New York Knicks legend play alongside teammate Mark Jackson. Still early in his professional life, Jackson would go on to a respectable career as a player, coach, and television commentator. At some point during the game, a photographer snapped a picture of Jackson in mid-action. The Menendez brothers can be spotted as spectators in the background.[2] Nobody at the time understood the circumstance of the shot. That photo became the image associated with Mark Jackson’s NBA Hoops trading card. Decades later, Lyle Menendez confirmed that it was he and his brother in the stands. The point of To Tell the Truth is to not lie. However, that was not Edward Edwards’s specialty. Besides the redundant name, Edwards had many other problems. After his mother committed suicide while he was a toddler, Edwards developed personality issues. His teenage years included a long list of minor robberies and stints in juvenile facilities. In 1955, Edwards was arrested for a break-in, but he escaped prison. During the following year, he committed enough armed robberies to end up on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. Later, in Leavenworth prison, Edwards allegedly rehabilitated himself as a model inmate. By the 1970s, Edwards’s remarkable turnaround made him a minor celebrity on the lecture circuit. Producers of the popular game show To Tell the Truth invited Edwards to appear on a 1972 episode. The panel was made up of celebrities Gene Rayburn, Kitty Carlisle, Alan Alda, and Peggy Cass. Only Cass and Rayburn identified the real Edward Edwards among the imitators, but nobody figured out the ultimate truth. In reality, Edwards had never been rehabilitated. Between 1977 and 1996, he had murdered at least five people. The total is believed to be much higher. Conspiratorially inclined investigators have thinly connected Edwards to famous unsolved crimes such as the Zodiac killings, the West Memphis Three, and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Far more believable is the earliest alleged incident, the lovers’ lane slayings of Larry Peyton and Beverly Allan in 1960. If that claim is verified, then Edwards made his game show appearance in the middle of his killing spree.[3] Boba Fett was a terrible bounty hunter. It makes sense when the suave Han Solo escapes your clutches. It is less impressive when even a gawky movie nerd outwits the galactic defender. Mark Twitchell was obsessed with fiction. He modeled his modus operandi after Dexter Morgan, Michael C. Hall’s titular forensic detective turned vigilante serial killer. An enthusiastic cosplayer, Twitc

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