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Season 2 Episode 77 “The Ugly Wife” | 130705
The crazy husband who mistreats his wife because she is ugly.

Jaeho (husband) is someone who cares only about the external beauty. He enjoys a secret relationship with his beautiful co-worker Yeonhee. However, Yeonhee cheats on him with another man.
Jaeho is abandoned by Yeonhee and she marries a man with good conditions. Meanwhile, Jisoo, a co-worker of Jaeho, has a crush on him. Jaeho marries Jisoo because her family is wealthy; However, he cheats on Jisoo by meeting Yeonhee again and criticizes Jisoo's appearance.
Due to unexpected incidents, Jisoo has plastic surgery. As Jisoo becomes prettier, Jaeho’s attitude changes. The change in Jaeho makes Jisoo decide to divorce with him.

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South Korea’s top ridiculous soap opera, “Love & War”, a drama created by reconstructing all the problems and real stories of married couples. We wanted to share the condensed episodes of this drama which hit more than one million views by the South Korean audience. In order for the global audience to enjoy this content, we have added English, Indonesian, and Korean subtitles.

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