STRANGER THINGS 4 'Eleven Are You Listening?' Trailer Breakdown, Things You Missed And Easter Eggs

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STRANGER THINGS 4 'Eleven Are You Listening?' Trailer Breakdown, Things You Missed And Easter Eggs. A Teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 4 is now out and in this video we point out the hidden details, easter eggs, things you missed and give our theories on what's gonna be in the show.

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0:00 Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Intro
0:34 Finn Wolfhard Comments
0:42 Season 3 Quick Recap
0:52 Hopper Is Alive Trailer
1:32 Duffer Brother Stranger Things 4 Comments
2:07 Eleven, Are You Listening? Trailer Breakdown
5:15 Dr Brenner Theories
5:46 Numbers Easter Eggs
7:12 Trailer Reaction And Review

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and this video turning it up to 11 to break down the brand new trailer for Stranger Things Season 4.

Throughout it we're gonna be pointing out some of the easter eggs and giving our theories on where things could be going in the show.

Full spoilers ahead so if you aren't caught up with the show then I highly recommend that you go through the doorway now. Make sure you like the video if you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe for more stranger things as we get them.

With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the video.

Ok so according to Finn Wolfhard, Season 4 of Stranger Things is gonna be the most horrifying hellride through Hawkins that we've ever had.

Last season ended with the group taking part in the battle of the Star Court in which Jim Hopper was assumed to have died.

However the post credits scene teased an American being held captive and a teaser trailer showed us that Jim was still alive and well in Russia.

Like 11 he was very much at the behest of a government and has had his head shaved much like her.

The Duffer Brothers cleared it up and said that this was Kamchatka and that Hopper would be facing enemies both human and worse.

Now at this location we also know there is a demogorgan so it's gonna be interesting to see if any more of the monsters pop up.

The Russians were using forced labour to help build the railroad tracks and it looks like a prisoner camp due to the guards patrolling it and shouting at the people there.

The train line being built is very interesting as of course it could be a way to transport creatures that come from the upside down.

Now as for the show in general I think we have to acknowledge further comments made by the duffer brothers when they discussed the show. They stated that something long buried and forgotten would be emerging once more and it looks like you better hold onto your butts because the Mindflayer is back.

The Russians are clearly still carrying out experiments on the upside down and they may create a way for the creature to come across into our world.

We know that the first episode of season 4 will be called The Hellfire club which is likely a nod to the X-men. The club tried to recruit Jean Grey who of course has telekinetic powers like Eleven.

Now this takes us into the first look which very much has fans confused including me. There's a couple complaints that they are just telling a story we already know which is the origin of 11.

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