[ New Year’s Eve ] episode 1

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Dialogue I used:

Harry Potter, your arch nemesis.
You never knew why everybody
likes him, was it because he was part
of the golden trio? The golden trio
was him Hermione and Ron, that’s
what everyone calls them. You can
stand Hermione and Ron, in fact
you can call them your friends, but
no matter how hard you tried, you
just never seemed to get along with
Harry, if he was partnered with
you or even just in the same
corridor as you, you would hate every
second of it. It seemed like the feeling
was mutual, because every time he
would see your face or even just hear
your name, he would have a
disgusted look on his face.

You two weren’t friends,
and you two wanted to keep
it that way. He stayed out of
your way and you stayed
out of his. Yes, you two were
enemies, but your parents?
They were the complete opposite,
they absolutely loved each other
and would give their life for one
another, they also thought that you
two were best friends. They always
thought about it like that, because
whenever you two were around them
you would act like you two were the
bestest of friends, and it seemed to
work since your parents would even
tell you two that you would
make a good couple.

Every time they would tease
you two, you would feel the
urge to puke, but you kept it in
and always had a fake smile on
your face, it was very convincing
as they wouldn’t stop.

You were now walking back
to the Gryffindor common room,
after a long day with the Slytherins.
You walked through the portrait
hole and into your dorm, you saw
Andromeda, your owl, sitting on your
window sill with a letter tied to her leg.
“Hey” you inquired as you
sit beside her and pet her while
untying the letter from her leg.

It was dedicated to you, from
your mom, you open it gently and start reading

Darling, how are you? Are you
doing alright? You won’t believe
where we’re spending Christmas
this year, we’re going to spend
it with Lupin, Sirius, and Harry!
I’m sure you’re so excited
Harry already knows about
it, tell him I said hi!


You finish reading and
set the letter down on your night
stand, your mouth was slightly
open, you weren’t excited! Not
one bit! You’ll have to spend
Christmas with that creature!
You wished it was a dream and
you’d wake up and the letter on
your night stand would disappear,
but nothing was happening, this
was real. You’d rather have potions
class for 5 hours than stay with hArRy
pOtTer for a week or 2 in the same house.

“I’ll just try and distract
myself while I’m still at
Hogwarts then!” You think to
yourself, you stand up and walk
to your door. You walk all the way
down to the front of the castle and
start walking around, you continue
to walk for about 2 hours until the
sun sets. You walk back to the
castle and went to bed, you could
not sleep, your mind was filled
of what was going to happen on
Christmas, you didn’t want to
face it but you had to soon.

As much as you wanted to
stay at Hogwarts and for this
day to last forever, it soon
came to an end. You found
yourself packing your bags and
double checking to make sure that
you didn’t miss anything. Everything
was packed and you were ready to go,
you practically had to drag your body
out of the dorm and meet up with Harry.
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