Inside Tiny Tim's Painful Final Days

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Tiny Tim suffered a heart attack while playing at the ukulele festival at Montague Grange Hall in September 1996. He went to Franklin County Medical Center in Greenfield for 3 weeks.

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Despite strong warnings to not perform due to his serious diabetes and heart conditions, Tim loved music too much to not continue to play. He had also stopped taking his medication by November 28th of 1996, telling his wife that “one day it won’t matter.”

Susan’s stepmother booked Tim to perform at a benefit dinner for the Women’s Club of Minneapolis on November 30th. She’d purchased hundreds of copies of his latest album Prisoners of Love to give as gifts.

Tim insisted he had to perform despite his failing health. He didn’t want the public to think he wasn’t doing the event because no one was paying him for it.

The last known recording of Tiny Tim’s voice was left on his friend Jim Foley’s answering machine. He congratulated him and his wife on the recent birth of their daughter.

Tim was already weak and struggling to walk when he got into the limousine to drive to the event. Sue had reservations about him performing but felt there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Tim received a rushed introduction from the event coordinator. He took the stage to a nearly empty room and performed 5 songs instead of the 2 or 3 he promised. The final one, a rendition of Tip-Toe Though’ the Tulips, was the last time he used his falsetto voice.

Inside Tiny Tim's Painful Final Days
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