How Francis Ford Coppola Wrote The Godfather

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Today we're diving into the Godfather's Notebook, which is what Francis Ford Coppola created when preparing to adapt The Godfather for the big screen. This book gives a detailed look into his writing process and how he identified what the most important elements of the novel were to tell the story he wanted to tell. Then, we talk about how this translates into your own screenwriting process and what you can do to become a better writer after watching this video.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 What is the Godfather's Notebook?
03:42 Synopsis
04:15 The Times
05:10 Imagery & Tone
08:17 The Core
09:31 Pitfalls
11:11 Detailed Notes
13:10 What do you do with this?
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How Francis Ford Coppola Wrote The Godfather

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