Ford Mustang Mach-e Review | Recharging ⚡️

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Is it a Ford or is it a Mustang? Who I just want to know if is this a good electric car. The Mustang Mach-e, the first car fully designed as an EV by Ford. In this review I tell you everything about it and answer that question. Is is a good EV?

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0:00 Such a shame!
0:49 Does it look like a Mustang?
1:13 A place to store your fresh fish
2:05 Tricks at the side view
3:59 Boot (does not fit a pony)
5:04 Specs, combine them how you want
6:11 How does it drive?
7:34 How far does the pony go?
9:10 How fast does this pony eat?
9:44 Rear seats
11:24 Front interior. Better than ID4.
12:29 Inspired by Tesla
15:30 I like profiles
16:28 Electric driving features
19:04 Conclusion
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