FilozofiKon 5 • Patrycja Pichnicka-Trivedi, MA • Vampire Narrative

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FilozofiKon 5 • Patrycja Pichnicka-Trivedi, MA • Vampire Narrative as a Domain of 21st Century Philosophies

Contemporary 21st century philosophies, ideologies and discourses are best embodied in the narratives, especially popular ones. The narrative analysis is thus one of the most efficient manners of research in many domains, from social and cultural studies to philosophical ones.

Vampire narratives are ones of the most widespread narratives of 21st century and ones of the most meaningful. Vampire narrative is based on much more than the figure the of Vampire. The most important part in this case, and simultaneously the one usually neglected in analysis, is the structure of the narrative. It is through the narrative structure, internal relations between the main actors of the narratives (the Slayer – the Victim - the Vampire), that the signification (the meaning) is embodied.

Vampire Narrative can therefore express and shape the definition of the external and internal Other, as well as the social attitudes towards Them. In this way, it can be the meaningful structure of expression for the social organisation of modernity. I will briefly analyze few cases of the 21st century Vampire Narratives, showing the proposed path of research. Results obtained can lead to further social, anthropological and philosophical research.
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