FANTASTICAL CREATURE - Sheleeart swipe - TLP Or to the rescue

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FANTASTICAL CREATURE - Sheleeart swipe - TLP Or to the rescue

one gave me a run for the money. I persisted and carried on. Although I usually post my fails too, this video was over 2 hours. I just couldn’t put you through that kind of pain!! Lol ????

I truly believe that most things are fixable. The first two attempts though, I cut my losses early. On the third attempt, I saw the potential and fixed and fixed and fixed!!

In the end this piece resembled a fantastical hummingbird creature!! Gail Burstyn has influenced my pieces for a long time. Her schmears, I call my enhancements have been so helpful. A shout out to Niki D Art and Cindy Van der Veen as well! We take from others and make it our own. And then pass it along to others!! It’s a wonderful journey isn’t it??

Colors are listed in the beginning of the video. Not all colors were used in the end result.

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