Carl Plummer Interview 01 October 2020

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I'm talking to Author Carl Plummer on Book Talk Radio Club. Carl wanted to write but write what he wanted to read. Having had a good think about the fiction he enjoyed most - humour and satire, and history. Could he combine them? What would happen to Bertie Wooster if he lost his little all, and his aunts and uncles lost their little alls? His allowances gone. And what of Jeeves? Such a schemer, such a brain. What if he was malevolent, and Machiavellian? He thought about his teenage years. Wet Sunday afternoons filled with old black and white movies: Ice Cold in Alex, The Cruel Sea, The Wooden Horse, The Colditz Story, Carve her Name with Pride, Where Eagles Dare, Went the Day Well? Mrs. Miniver, In Which we Serve, The Dambusters – It was a world of heroes, and then Carl had his hero… Pelham Hardimann! You can find out more at
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