BTS: I Need U MV Reaction (BU Storyline Analysis - EPISODE 1) [BTS ROAD MAP] ????

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It is finally here! My FIRST DIVE INTO THE STORYLINE. I put on my detective glasses and pulled out my notebook and I got to WORK! HAHAH - maybe I got a little TOO into it as this is such a long video for 1 MV reaction, but I had so much fun making this!

In this reaction, I will watch the music video for I Need U not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to really take in all the imagery I can. I was surprised at just how sad and traumatic this storyline was. But I am here to figure it ALL out! ????

***Just a reminder, I would love to experience this storyline free of spoilers (though I know how hard it will be), so I will be staying out of the comments for this one. ????***

I really hope you enjoy and we will be off to the rest of the MVs/DPs/Lives from HYYH next! Also, thank you all so much for the support and love with the merch store and Road Map! ???? You all are truly amazing!


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