Black Sky Giant - Falling Mothership (2021) (New Full Album)

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Black Sky Giant - Falling Mothership (Full Album) Argentinian stoner rock project Black Sky Giant introduced itself to the world with the debut Oribter back in August of 2020, the brainchild of a solo Argentinian artist. The sound, a mix of Sabbath inspired doom, fuzzy stoner/desert rock and some Latin American flavor as well was all too appealing on the debut. These guys are made for making instrumental stoner music, every album is a killer. Falling Mothership is their 3rd full length album and the 2nd of 2021. In the twilight of time, the giant will soar through the black skies of eternity, telling stories to come.

1. Vestiges of a Hard Landing
2. Batriders
3. Falling Mothership
4. Drifting Cosmonaut
5. Galileo
6. Evil Star
7. Lords of the Black Sun
8. Redemption

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Composed, recorded, mixed and mastering by Black Sky Giant.

Released June, 2021.

Cover art by Deliria Vision:
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