5 Goblins Caught on Camera

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5 Goblins Caught on Camera

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Do you remember seeing any goblins?
In the Final Fantasy franchise, goblins are used as an easy-to-defeat
introductory opponent for role players, doing minor damage with their
blows. Most of you would remember Griphook from Harry Potter, with a
barbaric and savage personality.
Actually, in real life, goblins were first described in the Middle Ages. Not as
some funny figures, but they are said to be much more dangerous. They
are tiny, mischievous, or can be evil, and love to steal your stuff, especially
gold and jewels. It is said that goblins possess magical powers similar to
those of a fairy or a demon.
But do they still exist today?
In today’s episode, we are going to show you 5 Goblins Caught on Camera.
Let’s Begin.
NUMBER 5: Goblin filmed inside a tree
What do you think would be the best hideout place for some non-ordinary
Obviously, in a deep forest where no one can find them!
But then some people search such places and end up with astonishing

This video was posted on YouTube back in the year 2016 in June. The video
was posted on Channel named Amazing Mystery Videos.
An eyewitness can be seen venturing into the woods in search of a possible
goblin figure. Then the person came across a large hole in a tree trunk.
Yeah, the perfect hide-out!
The clip was shot at an undisclosed location. When you first see the video,
you would say it’s just an ordinary video of a tree trunk, with nothing
unusual about it. But when zoomed and slowed down, this video will shock
In the video, the figure appears to be motionless in the first camera shot,
but when we look at the second clip, the unusual figure seems to be using a
wooden cane.
This video gained over two hundred thousand views. Many commenters
responded with skepticism, claiming that the video is a hoax. But there
were others who claimed to see the possible goblin smiling with glee.
Well, what do you think?
Watch - and judge for yourself.
Well, if you have children or you are alone at present, please prepare
yourself for this clip!
Paranormal events involving little kids are always unnerving for parents.
And this video might have just shocked this kid’s parents!

This creepy footage was filmed in Argentina and left every viewer in
complete shock. The footage was reportedly filmed in 2011 – but was only
posted online after the family decided to share their secret.

The tiny goblin emerged from thin air and ran through the kitchen alongside
a toddler.
Initially, the youngster can be heard talking to himself and playing on the
floor. But as the video proceeds, a mysterious figure can be seen in the
One minute you’re filming your adorable baby son, the next, a creepy
goblin runs past and leaves you thoroughly spooked.
That mysterious figure appeared behind the young boy named Benjamin
and dashed towards one of the counters from where it just escaped into the
This video was shot by a girl named Sylvia. According to her, the spooky
creature just disappeared after that, but a disgusting smell was left behind.
She even hurried towards the little boy and looked under the counter. But
there was no creature to be seen again.
This video showing this unusual creature went viral and received hundreds
of thousands of views and many skeptics.
What do you think? Can this creature be called a goblin, or is there
something else as well?
The scenario in the video can be said as 100 percent unmistakable and not
at all questionable proof that goblins are living among us.

The clip has since been shared on YouTube with more than million
views, but not everyone was seemingly convinced of its authenticity. One
skeptic wrote: ‘She’s not only a mom but a pretty good editor.
Yes, we all know that woods hide the deepest secrets, and there are many
mysterious creatures sighted in the woods.
Well, this video is also one of them.
This exciting video was posted on YouTube by a user named Mary Sampras
back in the year 2016, in August.
This video just left every one in a surprise.
In the footage, a videographer can be seen filming a woman. The woman in
the footage is pointing a camera back at him or her. This can be called a
neat trick, always!
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